He is my person – Couple Boudoir Photoshoot

August 22, 2017

These two really rocked their couple boudoir session, married just over a year ago and quite obviously still sizzling for each other. I barely had to direct anyone in this shoot, they just feel into each other effortlessly & super relaxed. Their bond is clear and the photos speak for themselves…

Sam told me the story of how they met and I just have to share… “We met online in 2014. Tracy cannily arranged our first meeting to take place at the Seapoint promenade where she was partaking in Sunkissed Salsa. Sam saw her dance and has been following her around ever since It counted in Sam’s favour that, on the way to meet Tracy that first time, he got a flat tyre and didn’t hesitate to leave his car on the roadside and call a taxi. His sixth sense told him he had to meet this woman without delay.”

Looking for something a bit different compared to the average engagement photo session? Let’s chat!


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