October 19, 2017

A boudoir party gives you a taste of what boudoir is all about!

This includes a mini shoot for each guest and, at the end, a beautiful portrait of everyone together, in clothes, of course, perfect for print!

  Bachelorette Party: 

        Boudoir parties are a great Bachelorette gift!  They can even be a wonderful bonding activity for the bride and her maids before the big day.  Not only do you have a great time with some of your closest friends, but you will also create a wonderful groom’s present for you future husband!


    Birthday Celebrations:

What better way to celebrate a milestone! Dirty 30’s? Fantastic  Fourties? Fabulous 50’s! Imagine you and up to 8 of your girlfriends having a great time, in a comfortable setting, bonding, getting makeovers, celebrating your femininity, and taking some stunning photographs.


    Girls’ Day Out!

Spend the afternoon being pampered by an amazing artist and allow the photographer to make you feel like a supermodel.  After your last girlfriend finishes her shoot you guys can catch a ride and celebrate a night on the town while looking like celebrities.




  • When booking with She Wolf Boudoir you must have a minimum of 4 women with a maximum of 8.
  •  Each party is given a complementary bottle of champagne.
  •  Each woman will have the option to have their makeup done by our amazing  professional    team.
  •  Each woman is given a 30 minute photo session.
  •  2 different looks.
  •  A password protected private online gallery for each guest. With a minimum of 20 images for viewing and choosing images for purchase.


A 20 x 20cm square forever photo book with 10 of her favorite images!


Here are a few frequently asked questions. If you have another questions please don’t hesitate to contact She Wolf Photography.


What can I expect at a boudoir party? 

First and foremost you can expect to have fun! We want this to be a rewarding experience for everyone, after all that is why you are sharing it with a few of your best friends! Upon She Wolf Photography teams arrival of the chosen location your guests will begin your boudoir journey by getting your make-up done in preparation for their shoot, and so on.  Each guest will get 30 minutes for her photoshoot. During the photoshoot She Wolf Photography will make suggestions as to the best poses for your unique look and body type to ensure your photos turn out stunning. While you wait for your turn you will spend some time getting your make up done, share a drink of two, maybe dress up a bit so your friends can help you pick the right look when it’s your turn, and just enjoy yourself!


What should I wear? Do I need to have fancy lingerie?

Of course not. Every woman is unique, and this shoot is all about you! Wear something that you love that’s comfortable but also make you feel beautiful and sexy! For some this means a sexy bra and panty with some sexy footwear. Some women prefer to go all natural for some implied nudes. This is totally up to you!


Do I have to get naked?

Absolutely not! Although some women try topless or implied nudes during their photo session, this is totally up to you and you can be as covered or uncovered as you want!



I’m concerned about privacy, will the photos get posted to your website? 

We understand that participating in a boudoir shoot is a very intimate experience and your privacy is one of our top priorities. All the photos that appeal on She Wolf Photography website and social media do so only with the written permission of the people who appear in them. After the photoshoot, you will receive the proof photographs on a private, password and email protected web gallery which only you have access to. Unless you choose to share the password your photos will remain private and no one else will see them.


I’m so conscious of my body right now, I feel like I won’t look good in photos. 

All my clients are different shapes and sizes. Students, mothers, grandmothers the only age restrictions are the legal ones which all dependent on your session choice (i.e over 18 for boudoir). There are no rules to say one person or one particular age or shape is better than another. Gaining confidence and believing in yourself is what makes for the sexiest photographs!


How will I know how to pose for my boudoir session?

We will help you pose throughout your session! We are there to help you through every step of your photography session. Posing is different for everyone and individual shape. More often than not you will find Kay stretched or laid out in a particular pose for you to emulate as she guide’s you through step by step!


Do you use photoshop?

Yes, unsightly spots, bits or bruises are removed along with any stretch or clothing marks. We all need a little extra help now and then, however, we don’t set out to change anyone from looking unnatural or unrecognisable.





R1200 each for photography session

This includes:


30 minutes photoshoot.

2 different looks each.

Minimum 15 images on private gallery for optional purchase.

Top 5 of your images pre-purchased.

Option to add on.



R500 professional make up



R1 700


And for the HOST…

A complimentary 20 x 20cm square forever photo book with 10 of her favorite images!



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