September 19, 2018



To say that I felt like I’ve been hit by a steam train & reversed over again, only to stand up and get spat on is an understatement. I was lucky enough to get some time off and spend some time on me. Time to reflect, look back, re-evaluate and look forward and ahead.


Yeah, somethings life hits us hard. And it’s usually all at once, right? Yeah? You know what I’m talking about.

Towards the end of my stay in Limpopo I got inspired to photograph something REALLY RAW. To show all the marks, the rolls, the weirdness… My weirdness. My awkwardness, my wildness, my vulnerability, not to focus on the pretty but instead reflect on the “feeling” and “space” that is created within these spaces.


Let me remind you. I’m a boudoir & portrait photographer,  I love making pretty. LOVE IT!!! LOOOOOVE IT!!!!  All that glamour, professionally done make up, great hair that’s styled beautifully and going that extra mile to enhance women beauty and confidence makes me so so so happy in my girlie world.

What I found in Limpopo was not only a pants full of ants, but a liberation by recording these not so pretty feelings and motions that move through me… through all of us, at certain times of our life.


The not so lovely feelings, the mean, green, gitty, shit ball feelings that at the end of the day make us who we really are. Some work through these feelings and some don’t, good wolf / bad wolf idea here. We decide.



To anyone & everyone who is really going through the heavy, dirty & dark stuff:

“You really don’t realise how brilliantly beautiful you are, breaking old beliefs and grasping your bliss.

I realise it’s ridiculously hard & messy things.

Are you shaken??

Good. Keep going.

You were shaken before and here you are. Still standing.

Doing this.

Shining and expanding & gloriously undefined.”

                    – Victoria Erickson (Author, Edge of wonder)

This is the first time, I’ve ever photographed and expressed myself THIS RAW.  It wasn’t easy. I too have my own insecurities, even though I KNOW, I BELIEVE & I PREACH body love and soul love, going NAKED and not one drop of make up or nada, nothing was a challenge for me. I loved this shoot & the outcome & wanted to share some images with you.

Can I just take a second here to honour all of our inner SHE WOLVES, once you have found her you can walk through the fire without hesitation. 

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