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December 6, 2018

Want to know exactly what clients are saying about She Wolf boudoir, Maternity and Portrait Photography?

I asked clients to answer some questions for me about how they felt before, during and after a She Wolf Photography session…

Today Eve’s answering some questions, openly and honest. To anyone who is thinking of investing in a boudoir session this is invaluable information.

Eve and I spent an awesome morning  on a beach shoot earlier this year. It was truly a beautiful day, with absolutely no wind and the mist settled in and created some beautiful ambience.


First Question: What was your biggest worry or concern before hiring me?

“My biggest concern and worry was about the particular dynamic I may or may not have with you. I may not be very inhibited about my body, but it’s always such an intimate and vulnerable experience, no matter what, that the dynamic between the photographer and yourself, as subject, is a fragile connection. But when the photographer is warm, gentle, kind, and encouraging, it can make for a very strong and empowering experience as well. I felt comfortable with Keara right away both because of her openness as a person, but because you can just sense how much she loves her work and really cares. She is sincerely excited to connect with every woman she works with and her joy and acceptance really puts you at ease right away.”

Second Question: What, specifically, was your favourite part of your session and why?

I think, actually, I really liked the end when we discussed a little about the session, what kinds of thoughts and feelings it brought out, and how this kind of photography really empowers, reveals and enlightens women. Even for those of us who have done it before, it’s always surprising what a session brings up inside us. And to be gently and sympathetically guided by someone as Keara makes the whole thing feel transformative in the most positive way.”

Kay E Photography-19

Question Three: If you were to recommend us to your best friend, what would you say to them?

You know how to relax and encourage people. Also you gave me the impression that you know what works and what doesn’t, so all I had to do was just follow your instruction. Also it was great that it seemed like you were excited as much as I was. Your confidence and enthusiasm gave me assurance and also confidence in being a subject/model.”


Thank you for letting me share some photos and sharing your experience with us Eve. Without each of my clients permission and honesty I wouldn’t have much to show 😉

With Love,

She Wolf Photography


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