Favourite Photos of 2018!

December 18, 2018

Wow, there have been so many incredible women and men that I have been honoured to photograph this year. I am super excited to share this with you.

Thank you to each brave and fearless client that gave me permission to share these photos! Without your yes, I would have NOTHING to show!!!

PS: This was really quite difficult to decide on the images! In order of creation 🙂


Oh this shoot was such fun! Can you guess the location? It wasn’t exactly a warm day and the wind was hoooowling, but Danni rocked her session.  Let me tell you something about Danni. Danni is a very close wolf sister of mine and we go back… When Dani first moved to Cape Town she would come spend weekends with me and she would never, I mean NEVER, EVER get dressed in front of anyone. So when Dani came to visit I had to leave my room for her to get dressed. Anyway, that’s a few years back. Now is a completely different story. Lesson in this – We all have different relationships with our own bodies at different times in our lives, it’s a constant cycle of change and growth both physically and mentally 🙂


2. SHE

Probably my favourite images from SHE my ongoing Fine Art project. She, is a collection of photographs of capturing female sensuality and expression celebrating womanhood. When ever I get some free time I work on this fine art project & I can’t wait to focus more on it in 2019!


3. Ah, this one! Pure and simple, I love it because it’s full of zest and sensuality. And I mean who doesn’t love the white sheet look? I get so many requests for white sheet boudoir shoots and it never gets old!


4.  I actually don’t know where to start on this image. To me it reflects a true splintered second in time.

Did I mention I love red hair and freckles and I especially love a fan in red hair with freckles. But I mean, which photographer in their right minds don’t?!?!



5. A moment. More importantly I love how comfortable Jodi is in her body. Not many people will rock a pose like this, but of course Jodi did! It’s raw. She looks like she’s surrendering to an almighty god of some sort and the heavens are about to open up and snatch her from earth… Hmmm….

I probably get just as many requests for my dark and moody images as I do for the white sheets look!


6. ANYA – I’ve been asked a few times if this is a painting or a photo. It’s a photo of course but it has a look and feel to it as a Renaissance painting. Beautiful Anya holding this moment like the goddess she is!!!


7.  Brittany! Queen of Hearts. Yep, like from Alice in Wonderland. But only if Alice in Wonderland has the most beautiful Queen of Hearts, who walked around naked all day and worn flowers in her hair all day 🙂 The modern Queen of Hearts if you will!


8. Is it just me?? I get a massive sense of peace when I look at this photo. Mrs F came in wanting a shoot only with black and white and we created some awesome work together. I must say it was certainly one of my favourite shoots this year!


9. Here I go again.

The freckles, the moody winter make up, the gorgeous hair!

This was mine and Samantha’s test shoot, we came on board together & well the first hair and make up artist I call when I book a shoot.

Hair and Make up: Sam Ellenberg Make Up Artistry


10. Maria, a model came on board to do quite a raw shoot. We kept it simple and I focused on capturing all of her in her unique beauty. My favourite part: Her freckled lips.

The worst part, she actually asked if her freckles are going to be a problem. I almost cried. Her raw beauty, natural self is beyond gorgeous!


11. Ahhh, talking about RAW.

This is one from my self portrait shoot I did in Limpopo.

Yep, I photographed myself naked and bare, without a touch of styling or make up. Check out the full blog post here: RAW

It was a really eye awaken time of the year, and many truths revealed themselves to me at once. It seemed so fitting. I liberated myself. I expanded and I didn’t apologise this time round.


12. Natasha came in for a boudoir shoot to celebrate her 30th birthday. I love! I mean I LOVE! What a perfect way to celebrate.


13. Ah, my first Maternity She Wolf shoot in many years. This beauty contacted me wanting a very specific style of maternity that she was struggling to find. I was sure I could assist. After this shoot I opened up to Maternity bookings. I love it so much!!!


14. The personal touch you get from photographing an in home session is pretty damn great. I love how creative we can get when we walk into a clients home for a shoot! It’s all about the lighting. Read more about how to decide on the right location for your shoot here.


15. Rehane Abrahams & I created some pretty epic images together for her updated portfolio! I loved this feisty portrait. Strong, sensual and powerful!


17. Beach Goddess

Common, who else see’s it? Does this Goddess here not remind you of Herb Ritts from Chris Isaac – Wicked game video??? 



18. This one was from one of my mini sessions that I hosted in November. Lara is a super awesome and runs her own blog called Lalipop Fit and it’s loaded with awesome healthy, conscious info! Both of us had such fun on her mini-shoot!


19. I love this tight crop and I loved photographing this woman! She is such an incredible person, a new mama and absolutely gorgeous!

SHE WOLF PHOTOGRAPHY_Michelle Photoshoot_06

20.  Lastly, my dreams came true this year when a client asked me to create some custom fine art photography for her walls. Yep. MY ULTIMATE GOAL RIGHT THERE! The perfect way to end 2018. These are just mock ups, the artwork will be installed next year and I can’t wait to see the final product. 3 Vertical option 2.jpg

Thank you for reading through my blog post, I hope you enjoyed it. Please feel free to leave any comments and thoughts! 🙂


With love,

She Wolf Photography

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