Keara is a published and award winning photographer based in Limpopo, South Africa

“I am all about exploring sensual expression by deepening connection with body & sense of self in a safe and fun environment. As a result, my clients find themselves developing confidence and a healthy relationship with their body and deepening their connection to their sensual selves. I approach every woman openly understanding their strengths, insecurities, personalities & unique characteristics determines an individual experience & photographs for every person who steps in front of my lens.”



My venture into photography started in school and I finalized my studies in Photojournalism and Documentary photography. I freelanced for a few publications and primarily for Sunday Times. I loved my days spent on the field but little did I know life had something else in store for me.

After diving into portrait photography shortly after I was asked to do a boudoir shoot for a client… A what? I didn’t even know what boudoir photography was!!! Once I had done my research I didn’t think much of it… Yep, to be completely honest, I thought it was quite narcissistic. I decided to go ahead with the shoot anyway because I believe one must first try something before judging… Remember this was completely new to me!

HAHAHA! Oh was I wrong

It was so obvious right from the beginning how very, very important this work is for today’s world. Not for the showing off to the public (there’s nothing wrong with it, it just goes way deeper. I realized how NEEDED a safe, nonjudgmental, fun and creative environment for women to express their sensuality. 

Well, I had a good laugh at myself and took a GIANT leap… and here I am!


I offer a creative photographic experience for women to explore their sensual expression by deepening their connection with their body & sense of self in a safe and fun environment. 

The experience of the photo-session cultivates that knowing that our sensuality is our own and energy we can learn to use for our own benefit.

As a result, my clients find themselves developing confidence and a healthy relationship with their bodies and feelings towards their sensual selves.

I want to uplift and encourage women to feel and express their sacred feminine, their perfection on sensuality. It’s not just beautiful photographs that you will leave with but a realization of exactly how beautiful you are. From the tips of your toes to the depth of your soul.

Your femininity, your beautiful heart, your soft touch – These things and more are tools in which women can paint the world with. Young and older, skinny & curvy, light & dark… You are beautiful.

I feel that by offering women boudoir, creative and artistic portraits that I am able to open a platform in which women are able to express their sensuality and sexuality freely and in a safe space. It’s my way of creating a platform where women can express themselves freely and safely & help women’s perceptions of themselves and their bodies blossom.


Unleash your femininity fearlessly!